Study abroad: Where to study at the University of Massachusetts?

In a recent article in The Boston Globe, a group of UMass Amherst students wrote about the University’s research abroad program, including a recent visit to Japan, where they were inspired to create a study abroad guide for UMass students to find places to study.

The article has since been taken down from the Globe, but you can still find the article and the original version on the Harvard Business Review website. 

One of the first things you should know about UMass research abroad is that it is a long-term endeavor.

In fact, it is the only U.S. university that has a “study abroad program” that lasts a year or more. 

“This is a program that lasts for years,” said UMass College of Business senior Dean of Research and Innovation, Michael Laskin, in an interview with The Boston Times.

“We want to make sure we are constantly improving.” 

As part of this effort, Laskon said U.C. Berkeley is also involved, which is why Lasko has been working with the university to develop a research-oriented curriculum. 

Laskin said he and other UMass officials are hoping to get their research abroad research done in the summer of 2019, and that he expects to begin the process this summer. 

It’s not all roses for U.c.


In addition to the research and educational program, the university has also partnered with Google to make its search engine smarter, so that its search results will display more information on, the online portal for undergraduate and graduate students. 

In fact, there’s a bit of a caveat to the partnership. 

U.C.’s research and academic programs are only open to students who are accepted into the university, and those students are limited to a maximum of three trips per year. 

That’s one reason Laskis is happy to see the partnership with Google.

“Google is a great partner in helping us get better,” he said. 

This partnership will likely be especially beneficial to UMass’ undergraduates, who tend to have limited budget for trips abroad.

According to the U.s, there are roughly 1.8 million U.M. undergraduates enrolled in U.

Mass.s graduate programs. 

Students are expected to travel an average of eight to 10 times per year, and their overall budget for travel is $1,800 to $1.5 million. 

There’s also the fact that UMass has a large number of undergraduate students who aren’t interested in working remotely and are instead interested in going on summer internships. 

While the partnership will allow UMass to provide more information about the programs, Lassen said the real value of this program is the opportunity for UB students to learn more about the university. 

The University of Boston has a similar program called the Boston Graduate Study Experience, which it hopes will give students an opportunity to interact with faculty and staff members from UMass and other academic institutions. 

Another benefit to the collaboration is that the UMass program will give the university the ability to offer its students the chance to apply to other universities. 

For instance, students will be able to apply for graduate degrees through UMass, but not other U.K. universities.

That’s a benefit for both students and faculty, Laselli said.

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