Why Denmark study abroad may be the way forward

A study of Danish university students by the Swedish agency CSE is to recommend that students consider study abroad in order to gain practical skills and experience before returning home.

The Swedish Agency for International Education (FID) has released a report called “Denmark Study Abroad: An International Perspective”, which analysed the number of study abroad applications from students who took part in the country’s higher education system, from 2011 to 2017.

It found that the number went up from 5.1 per cent to 5.6 per cent between 2011 and 2017.

It said the increase was driven by a “surge in the number” of overseas students and “the growing popularity of study Abroad in Denmark”.FID has also called for a more transparent approach to research and scholarship, as well as a more “open and transparent” approach to recruiting international students.

It said that while the number and quality of the applications are still a matter of debate, “it seems clear that there is now a serious need for an assessment and assessment programme to guide research programmes and scholarship programmes”.

It also called on universities to develop a “comprehensive plan” to monitor and track the number, quality and quality profile of students who have applied for study abroad.

In a statement, the Swedish Agency said:”We believe that the most important and relevant information is now available for the decision-making and evaluation of the future study abroad plans, which are crucial for the future of the internationalisation of higher education in Denmark.”

We therefore recommend that universities consider their future study and scholarship plans, including their application processes, in order not to overlook or neglect the need to evaluate and assess their future students in the light of this information.

“It is important to emphasise that these applications and their decisions should be done with a view to finding out what is most important for the development of Danish higher education, as this is the most significant factor for a university in its future.”

The agency said that it is also seeking feedback on a report by the European Commission on the impact of research and scholarships on foreign students and said that this should be incorporated in any decision-taking process.

According to the agency, the report will be presented to the Commission in 2019, which is likely to recommend changes to the EU rules on the recruitment and use of research funds.

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