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Posted October 20, 2018 08:01:25 The University of Alberta is offering a study abroad program in Calgary, to help those who want to pursue a career in Canada and abroad.

The University says it is looking for students who are interested in studying in Canada, abroad and in their chosen field.

The program is open to all students who have completed the Bachelor of Arts or equivalent degree in a relevant discipline.

The program is a combination of online learning and a traditional study abroad.

Students will have the opportunity to complete the program in two phases.

In phase one, they will be introduced to the culture and language of Canada, and will be exposed to its customs, ways of life and political history.

The second phase will involve students working in a variety of areas in Canada such as food production, tourism, health and environmental science, forestry, agricultural research and management, and the natural resources sector.

The two phases are similar in many ways, said the University.

In a recent interview, UAlberta Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science Dr. David Kestler said, “The most challenging aspect of this program is that it’s a combination study abroad and study abroad in Canada.

It’s really unique.”

He added that it will help students feel like they’re part of a community.

“We want to encourage them to be part of our community.

We want them to feel like part of us and part of the community,” said Kestling.

Kestler is confident that the program will be successful, and that it is a unique program for Calgary.

He said the university will not be competing with other schools in terms of the number of students who apply, or the number who enroll.

“There’s a lot of other programs out there that are just going to go after a small percentage of students, but this is a real opportunity for us to get a lot more students in,” said the Dean.

In addition to studying in Calgary and working in Canada’s natural resources industry, the students will have an opportunity to work on projects with Alberta universities and research institutions.

Students must be enrolled full time at the time of the application.

The university says it will be able to provide the program with approximately $1,500 per year in tuition for the two years of study, and a $2,000 cap for the second year.

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