University study abroad for young adults: What to expect

A new study for young people looking to study abroad says that while the amount of time spent abroad can be rewarding, it can also be a time of uncertainty. 

While there are many reasons young people study abroad in the first place, the study says it’s important to consider the impact on your future. 

“It can be a very different experience when you’re out of the UK and studying abroad, especially when you come from a different country,” said Dr Nima Ali from University College London.

“There’s a lot of pressure on people in that position to find the perfect student experience, and that can be very difficult for students who have to be self-motivated and really think hard about what they’re going to do in a new country.” 

This study, published in the journal Psychological Science, was led by Dr Ali and Dr Michael Fassler from the University of Sussex. 

The study looked at students who were looking to go on a study abroad trip, and found the biggest concern for many of them was not what they were doing there, but how they would cope when they returned home. 

For young people, it was also important to recognise that many countries have strict rules around studying abroad. 

It can include things like banning foreign students from speaking in school, or not being allowed to see each other during the week. 

But for some students, the risk of feeling trapped is just too great, and they’re looking for an opportunity to explore. 

They are looking for a way to be able to experience new countries without the pressure of having to make the most of it. 

In some cases, the most rewarding experiences involve travelling to a new place, and learning about a culture that is different to their own. 

When students take the opportunity to visit, they’re not just going to have fun. 

There’s also a chance they’ll meet people from different cultures. 

This can create a bond that lasts years. 

Many students, especially those who have travelled to other countries before, have developed relationships with locals. 

Dr Ali said while the risk is that it will feel isolated and awkward, the reward is that the student feels like they’ve learnt something from it.

“They’ll be learning something about the local language, the culture and their friends, and the knowledge they can use to help them in their future studies,” she said. 

According to the research, the more time students spend abroad, the greater the chance they will feel like they have an impact on the wider world.

“It’s important that they understand what’s happening overseas because it’s the most powerful thing for them to learn,” Dr Ali said.

“If they have some kind of learning, they will make that experience more powerful.”

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