Why Georgetown’s study abroad program could help boost global research capacity

A study by Georgetown University suggests that the Georgetown Study Abroad program, launched in 2009, could provide an opportunity for universities to further their research overseas and to further develop the global science community.

The study, published in the American Sociological Review, finds that the program has contributed to increasing the number of international scholars who have visited the U.S. to study abroad.

The program was launched as part of the U,S.

Global Scholars Program and provides a platform for international students and scholars to travel to the U.,S.

and participate in U.K.-based research projects.

“I think it’s a pretty remarkable opportunity for the U of C to bring in international scholars, because they can work together and work together with the local community to do research,” said John T. Kuehn, director of the Center for the Study of U.s.

Foreign Policy at Georgetown.

The Georgetown University study also found that it is beneficial to study overseas, especially when it comes to international students.

The Georgetown study abroad programs have been instrumental in encouraging international students to pursue higher education in the US., and the study found that a significant number of students chose to study in the United States, particularly after they received a degree in the country.

“International students are looking for opportunities to study at the university that are more in line with their interests and their education, and they’re looking for a place where they can learn something different, and then they can apply for a graduate program,” Kuehn said.

“The Georgetown study program is a way to provide a more inclusive, global, research environment for students, for students who may have a lot of academic work to do and have no specific research interest, and it’s also a place for students to really be part of a broader, more global community.”

In addition to being a platform, the Georgetown study overseas program also provides students with a way of earning credit for their work in the university.

“What we find is that international students are more interested in earning a degree and getting a certificate, and not just a degree,” Kuesh said.

The research was done on behalf of the Georgetown Global Scholars Project, which is a joint effort between the UofC, Georgetown University, and the UB Center for Global Development.

Kueshn said that the project has helped to promote more research abroad and has encouraged international students who are interested in pursuing higher education to participate in research abroad.

Kuehn said the Georgetown International Studies Association was created in response to the need for more international scholars to study, and said it was a valuable opportunity to bring international students into the community.

“When international students come to the university and they come for a research experience and they can also earn some credit for the work that they’re doing, that’s a good thing, that helps create more international connections in the local population,” he said.

In addition, Kuehl said, international students have a higher chance of earning a job, and that has an impact on the global community.

For more information on Georgetown University’s international study abroad, visit the University of Southern California website.

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