Psu study overseas study abroad study abroad is an option for students in the US and Canada

The US is the first country in the world to offer an option to students studying overseas.

Psu, a US healthcare research company, is offering study abroad programmes for international students to work towards their bachelor’s degree, with the option to extend the programme beyond their first year.

It is part of a trend in the healthcare industry to expand the student study abroad programme.

According to the company, in 2015 the number of students studying abroad doubled to 1.4 million.

It said it was also growing, with students taking an average of five years to complete their degree.

The option is available to students in five countries: the US, Canada, Japan, the UK and Germany.

Students can enrol for the program through Psu, the university’s online platform.

They will complete their programme in two years and return to the US for their final two years.PSu has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and is looking to expand its study abroad program.

“Our students are more interested in pursuing the next level of study than in taking a graduate course, and they want to work toward a degree,” said Psu senior vice president and head of global business, John Lander.

Students will also be able to apply for the programme via their college’s application process.

“We want to make the program as flexible as possible,” he said.PSU is also planning to offer a three-year degree option, with up to two years of additional work.

“Our goal is to reach at least 5,000 international students by 2021,” said Lander, adding that this would give students the option of working in their chosen field for up to three years.

“In our global healthcare industry, it is common for healthcare practitioners to work across different disciplines.

We want to help our international students, who are highly motivated, to work in their specialty areas in the best possible way,” he added.

Psu said its study overseas programme would be focused on international students from countries like India, China, Brazil and the US.

The company said the programme was also open to any student who is a resident of the US or Canada.

According to Psu’s website, the programme will cover topics such as teaching and healthcare, but will also include topics such a entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and human resources.

For the time being, Psu has a maximum of six international students working for the company in the United States and Canada.

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