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FLORENCE, NSW (Reuters) – Australia’s University of Technology Sydney is investigating the feasibility of studying abroad to study at a world-class university, the Australian Institute of Science said on Thursday.

The institute’s Global Studies and Policy Centre, which is responsible for advising the Australian Government on research, said the university had received a number of requests for a study abroad program in recent years.

Its research director, Andrew Leach, said universities around the world were looking for ways to recruit and retain young scholars.

“We’re looking to develop a programme that would take students who are looking to study abroad and work closely with universities around Australia to develop their professional skills,” he said.

He said the program would be developed as part of a broader strategy to encourage more international students to go to university, adding that a few universities were looking at opportunities for young Australians to work as international students in Australia.

Australia’s government last year launched a new national strategy to attract more international talent into the economy, with a focus on university.

But many of those students who have opted to study overseas do so for financial reasons, not because they want to.

Professor Leach said the University of Sydney had already begun a program to look at ways of recruiting international students, including by using technology to improve teaching.

Australian universities have also long had a shortage of foreign researchers and researchers, with about 12,000 foreign students on campus.

In recent years, the number of international students studying in Australia has increased by more than half.

Last year, Australia’s National Research Council said that research in Australia could be worth $1 trillion over the next 10 years if all countries involved in research were to spend about $1.5 trillion on research.

It added that the research community was on track to achieve that goal.

(Reporting by Amanda Young; Editing by Louise Ireland)

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