When you go abroad, you should study at home

With all the travel options available, how can you decide what to study at the local or international level?

Here are some of the options available in Amsterdam.

What to do: Spend the day with your family and friends in the city of Amsterdam.

Learn Dutch, go on a trip, or maybe take a trip to Spain.

Amsterdam offers a wide variety of experiences, including cultural events, art galleries, and cultural events.

Get your passport stamped, learn Dutch, or go to a museum.

Find more details on the Amsterdam Study Abroad page.

What not to do in Amsterdam: Get too comfortable.

Amsterdam is a city of many different experiences, so many different things can happen.

Make sure to be on top of everything.

Amsterdam’s climate is not a breeze to get through, so take extra care around the city.

Be wary of crowds and crowds of people.

Don’t go to museums or art galleries if you are not a native Dutch speaker.

Be aware of crowds of tourists at the entrance to the city, so be aware of your surroundings.

Amsterdam has a lot of things to do, so plan ahead.

Get a Dutch license plate, which you can find at the Dutch consulate in the capital, Amsterdam.

Get out of your car and walk to your local library or cafe.

Find out about the Amsterdam city park and learn about the history of the city and of the Dutch.

Visit the Amsterdam Art Museum, which has galleries of Dutch and foreign art.

Be sure to check out the Dutch art fair, where you can see works from the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond.

Learn more about the Dutch cultural scene in Amsterdam, including events like the Art of the Month and Dutch Artists Week.

Amsterdam hosts the International Art Festival, which features exhibitions of works from around the world.

Learn about Dutch art, music, and literature at the Festival.

Amsterdam also hosts the World Arts Festival, where Dutch artists, writers, musicians, and artists from around Europe come together for a wide array of events.

Find information about the festival and more in the Amsterdam Festival.

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