Which countries are the most educated?

U.S. and British researchers are taking the first steps toward finding out which countries are most educated and how much they pay for it.

The first two in our annual study of the top 20 highest-educated nations, published this week in the journal PLOS ONE, showed that Australia and Canada, where people are paid the same as Americans and Brits, are among the top two in the world.

Australia has one of the highest per capita income levels in the developed world and, by a wide margin, is the only developed country where the percentage of its population that is working or looking for work is higher than the national average.

Canada has the lowest poverty rate in the OECD and is the second-highest in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In a few years, the two countries could be joined by South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The researchers, from Princeton University and Columbia University, say the data will be invaluable to countries hoping to expand their economies or invest in education.

The United States is expected to be the first to join the list of countries in 2020, and other countries will follow soon after.

They will be able to compare the wages paid to workers and the salaries of teachers and administrators in different countries, as well as the rates of learning and retention among workers and administrators.

The two researchers who analyzed the data for the study, Nicholas J. Saez and Emmanuel Saez, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, and an expert on education at Harvard, argue that the U.s. and Canada are the best performers in the field.

They note that the data also shows that the United States has the highest ratio of university graduates to low-wage workers in the industrialized world.

“This is a very significant and promising development for the education sector in the U

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