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Enlarge / In this May 11, 2018 file photo, Clemson University professor Stephen J. O’Connor, left, holds up his laptop computer while working on a project while at Clemson University.

Clemson University’s faculty of education has begun studying abroad to broaden its international reach.

The university announced Tuesday that it will begin a pilot study abroad program in Ghana in 2018.

The program will focus on working in the fields of education, health care and technology.

Clemson professor Stephen O’Conner, a professor of education and professor of economics at Clemson, said that the Clemson-Ghana partnership will enable the university to expand its international education offerings.

O”Connor said the university is interested in collaborating with Ghana because it is the only African country that has experienced a large and sustained migration to the United States.

O””conner said the Clemson group plans to work closely with Ghana’s education and health care systems to increase access to high-quality education and training opportunities for Ghanaians and people of Ghanaian descent.

The Clemson-Gambia program will be in Ghana from January 2019 to January 2020, with an anticipated end date of March 2020.

The study abroad will involve two academic partners, O””Conner said.

The first group will be the African Institute of Education and Training Ghana (AfEITG), which will be an independent, non-profit organization with a mandate to support the academic activities of Ghanaians who are students, teachers, researchers, and professionals.


Conner also said that Clemson plans to use the Ghana-based Ghana-Ghama Center for Educational Research and Training (GCHET), a nonprofit organization with an independent mandate to train Ghanaians for post-secondary education.

O”;Conner noted that the Ghana Institute for Social Research (IGSRI), an independent non-governmental organization with mandate to research, disseminate and disseminate information on Ghana, is the first non-government organization in Ghana to establish a Ghanaian language school.

The Ghana Institute has established four Ghana-focused language schools, O”Conner added.

In addition to Ghana, Clemson will conduct research on the Ghanaian government, O’Connors said.

O;conner noted Ghana was a founding member of the G-20 and was a member of G-8 countries that have adopted the G8 agenda, which includes a goal to increase the share of countries in the global economy.

Clemson is also exploring the possibility of joining with the African Union, O;Conner emphasized.

The University of Ghana and Clemson have been in negotiations for years on expanding international study opportunities for students in Ghana.

Clemson and GSU have collaborated on numerous projects, including Clemson-Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), which has hosted an international conference on women in STEM, Clemson-Harvard University, which has sponsored two conferences on women and the humanities, Clemson and UMass-Amherst, which have collaborated to develop two of the largest gender studies programs in the country, and Clemson-Munich.

Clemson has also partnered with the United Nations and World Bank on projects to improve the country’s gender equity and gender equity strategies.

O’;Conner expressed confidence that Clemson and Clemson University will succeed in their collaboration to expand the study abroad programs, but cautioned that it could take time to fully integrate the Ghana partnership into the program.

“There are a lot of issues to address with this partnership, and we will have to work through the issues,” O’CONNER said.

Clemson Chancellor Joe Adams, a native of Ghana, has said that he believes Clemson’s efforts in expanding its international academic offerings are a key factor in its national advancement.

Clemson President John Thrasher said in a statement that Clemson will continue to seek to recruit and retain talented scholars to continue its growth as a global research university.

Clemson’s international education and research program is one of the few in the United Sates that is a part of the National Institutes of Health. O(CNN)

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